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Tell: 031-45836324-5




Afshin 1 Brick Industries offers a variety of pottery bricks, blades, foam, facade and shale
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Afshin 1 Brick Store offers all kinds of pottery, blade, facade and shale rewards to


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Afshin 1 Brick Industries has always been able to bring your trust and satisfaction to

Afshin 1 Brick Factory is the largest producer of facade bricks and clay bricks in the country

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In our opinion, one of the best results of production is getting to know different people, so we needed to introduce Afshin 1 brick factory more. Unfortunately, business partnerships are often unhappy, but our fathers (the founders of Afshin's Brick) worked hard together for 50 years to continue their partnerships because they built a strong foundation for the company.

This partnership is currently being continued by the second generation, and it is hoped that Afshin's children will also serve the industry of this region.

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Address: Isfahan, km 8 of Dolatabad road, Bo Ali 44 street (Qapanchi), third intersection of Afshin brick factory 1

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